Our Mission

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to involve all members and enable them to excel by:

  • inspiring and nurturing their passion for cricket;
  • building on our expertise, heritage, culture and facilities.

Our Vision is a welcoming, inclusive, ambitious, well organised cricket club that:

combines success with enjoyment; promotes excellence in cricket with a care for all members in a culture of camaraderie and competence.

Aims & Objectives

I have highlighted some key words in our plan.

We will focus on:

  1. i) Strengthening our reputation as a leading club in the West District Union league through the quality of our cricket, coaching, facilities and performance.
  2. ii) Promoting excellent team working, personal skills and sporting distinction.

iii) Attracting and retaining members who will participate fully in the Club.

  1. iv) Expanding the juniors section, supporting their talent and personal development.
  2. v) Competing tenaciously for promotion; playing honourably and competitively; upholding the spirit the game and maintaining the highest sporting values.
  3. vi) Developing senior playing teams, providing positive role models to all club members, leading achievement and success.

In short, we must expect every senior player to be a role model. Nothing less is consistent with our mission, vision and plans.

Role Models

Being a good role model simply means following the accepted codes of behaviour in cricket. The Cricket Scotland Code of Conduct is more or less ‘common sense’, at least for those who know and care about the game. For example, the codes say that:

Players must not:

  • attempt to intimidate an umpire, another player or a spectator;
  • use rude or abusive language nor make offensive gestures or hand signals nor deliberately distract an opponent;
  • make racially abusive comments / actions against fellow players, officials, members and supporters.

The Cricket Scotland insist that Clubs take adequate steps to ensure the good behaviour of their members and supporters. We do this mostly by quiet persuasion but also, when necessary, through disciplinary action including suspension and withdrawal of membership.

Our captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the Laws. We ask you to support your captain not just fully but gracefully.

The spirit of the game involves RESPECT for opponents, umpires and the game’s traditional values. For example, it is wrong to dispute an umpire’s decision by word, action or gesture, to direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire. Nor may you distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment with persistent clapping or unnecessary noise even under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of one’s own side.

Please read our codes of conduct carefully here (link to Cricket Sctland Code of Conduct)

Play Your Part

“The club colours is all whites” We expect all players to wear all whites In fact it is a minimum requirement.

The potential we have as a Club is as high as it can get, both in terms of the talent and the fundamentals of location, facilities and support. The challenge is to realize our potential.

We cannot be complacent. Everyone is needed to help, especially the senior players to whom we all look for inspiration and example.

No doubt you want the Club to go forward, to improve year by year and be the best we can be. I ask you therefore to be serious about your personal responsibilities as a team player. Play to the captain’s game plan. Behave ‘professionally’ at all times on and off the field, in your body language, the way you in dress, the language you use and the way you talk to team mates.

There is no doubt that the Clubs that are most successful are those with the best disciplinary records. Without doubt, the League stats confirm this. Consequently, it is your personal behaviour that makes or breaks the results as well as the reputation of the Club. 

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